I help New & Returning Runners and Triathletes cross the finish line strong and smiling

Most of my clients have started out never participating in any kind of event prior.  All of them are now running regularly or have even crossed the Ironman Triathlon Finish line.
They did it with a smile on their face.

If this is something that you have dreamed about doing, let me help you complete any endurance challenge healthy, happy, strong and smiling.

Certified Triathlon Coach Brad Minus

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What they are saying about Coach Brad

I finished my first 70.3 triathlon feeling fresher than after my last marathon or Olympic triathlon.
Bryan Penton

Chicago, IL

Coach Brad knows when to challenge you and he will let you know when you’re doing well!

Heather Foster

Clearwater, FL

 By the second week of the session, I could feel the difference of the way I was running.

Keiko Schwamlein

Tampa, FL

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The Long Haul Ultramarathon

The Long Haul 100 Ultramarathon Experience

(Edited by Brad Minus) The Decision My 3 years of running experience started with multiple injuries including a couple of ankle fractures. However, I still managed to complete a marathon, a 50K and a 50-miler. Even with my injuries I completed these races successfully...
Ironman North Carolina 70.3

Ironman North Carolina 70.3: Race Recap

The Ironman North Carolina 70.3 triathlon was initially scheduled as my test race for Ironman Arizona the following month.  Unfortunately, my last two triathlon seasons have been plagued with obstacles that have taken just a little longer to overcome than...
Ironman Chattanooga 70.3

Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 Triathlon Part Deux

Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 Prolougue I had every intention of getting some vindication on the Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 course this year.  I made a plan, trained for it, and stayed healthy, but unfortunately it did not come to fruition as I expected. Last year I toed the...
Quality Run Training

6 Tips For Quality Run Training

Tips for Quality Run Training Train no faster than one pace quicker than the race you are training for. For example, 5k pace is good for an Olympic-distance race, while half-marathon pace suffices for IRONMAN training. Distinguish what your greatest limiter is. Is it...
Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling – Better than Foam Rolling?

  Being immersed in the fitness industry provides me with a ton of different opportunities to experience different techniques, methodologies, and products.  I recently had the privilege of a one-on-one demo of the Yamuna® body rolling technique that focuses on...
Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon 2016: Goof Race Recap

Leading up to the Chicago Marathon 2016 The Chicago Marathon provides an excellent course, plenty of support and, for me, a chance to visit home for a few days.  It was no different for me this time, with one small factor.  I was not nearly as trained for it as I...

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Inner FIre Endurance Sports IFES 007

IFES 007 – Finding your “Why” with Heather Foster

In this episode: I interview one of my long standing clients "Princess" Heather Foster.  She is an amazing person who participates in endurance events for other reasons besides fitness and personal glory.  It just might help you find another reason to reach your...
Jon Noland IFES 006

IFES 006 – Elite After 40 with Jon Noland

   In this episode: As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to interview my coach, Jon Noland. (Yes, coaches have coaches.  Confucius says "Those who coach themselves, have a fool for a coach.") This episode gives a different view of training and racing as...
The IMOH 70.3 Experience

IFES 005 – The Ironman Ohio 70.3 Experience

Episode: 00​5 Title: ​The Ironman Ohio 70.3 ExperienceFinal Show Link:  https://innerfireendurance.com/ifes005 In this episode: Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Ironman Ohio 70.3 triathlon.  My idea was to give you audio as it was happening, but...
5 Tips for Summer Training - IFES004

IFES 004 – 5 Tips for Summer Training

In this episode:  Coach Brad goes over the impacts of training in the heat and ways to help. Coach Brad covers - Why it is hard to train in the heat Physiological Factors Mental Factors Suffering 5 Ways to Help with training in the heat Hydrate Continuously Slurpy...
IFES 003 with Lynn Cooke

IFES 003 – It’s Never too Late with Lynn Cooke

In this episode:  I had the honor and privilege to interview the Masters Track 1-mile Age Group American Record Holder, Susan "Lynn" Cooke*. (*In the racing world she goes by her legal first name, Susan, but to the rest of us she will always be Lynn.) Our conversation...
Cycling Safety

IFES 002 – 7 Rules for Cycling Safety & Coros Helmet Review

In this episode: 7 Rules for Bike Safety 1 - Ride on the CORRECT Side  2 - NO Noah's Ark Formation 3 - Helmets Please 4 - Passing ("On your left!") 5 - Nighttime riding is very illuminating 6 - Communicate with your group 7 - Chain to maintain your bike so you don't...